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For large capacity vehicles (for example BMW X5, Audi Q7, VW transporter and similar automobiles) the listed prices apply with an additional charge of 50%.

All prices are quoted additionally value added tax.

Alle Preise verstehen sich zzgl. der gesetzlichen Mehrwertsteuer.

complete preparation from 130,- Euro
nano sealing
(for varnish, textiles and leather)
according to effort
washing, vacuum-cleaning, glass from 30,- Euro
polishing from 80,- Euro
exterior washing and rabbet from 12,50 Euro
bump removal (without varnishing) from 65,- Euro
blending method from 120,- Euro
interior cleaning from 80,- Euro
glass shading according to effort
batch hole mending from 25,- Euro
synthetic material mending from 35,- Euro
leather mending from 45,- Euro